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Hello and Welcome! 

   Hello! My name is Laura Triplett. I am a first-year teacher at Southaven Intermediate School! I am so excited to be working as an EL teacher!

   I am from Hernando, MS and graduated from Mississippi State University. #HAILSTATE I originally received a business degree, but I think I have found my calling in teaching!

   English Language Learners focus on four key skills to grow their proficiency in the English language. Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. In my classroom we work to grow each of these skills in many different ways. Students are encouraged to use their resources around my classroom and their world to better communicate and grow their English language skills.

   I have had such a great year so far and I can't wait to finish out the year strong!

   During this time I know you may have many questions. I will be available through School Status and email Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. Every Thursday I'll be on Zoom with the other SIS EL teachers!. Click here to Zoom with us! I am also available to Zoom Monday - Friday from 2 pm - 4 pm by appointment! Click below to learn how to Zoom!


As a result of Governor Tate Reeves' announcement, DeSoto County Schools will be closed through at least Friday, April 17.  An announcement will be made on or before April 17 regarding the status of the next school week.  Teachers will be contacting parents and students with information about distance learning opportunities. 


A message from Ms. Triplett:

I miss you all so much! I cannot wait until

we are back in our classroom together again!

Until then I thought we could continue to

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Pearson Realize
This link takes you directly to Pearson's website.

At SIS we are lucky enough to have a great resource in Pearson Realize and Words Their Way. All 5th grade EL students have been using this website most of the year! They are working on different content on their different levels! Feel free to connect at home and watch your student progress! 

Video Tutorial for Pearson

This link takes you to a video tutorial for how to access Pearson Realize. 


 Language Lesson For March 30 - April 3 

All my students have asked if we could go on a field trip all year long. I was not able to take them, but this week we are going on a virtual field trip! We are actually going on 7! We are going to visit the Seven Wonders of the World! Follow the directions below. 


Read about the Seven Wonders of the World. Click here to read. Try to think about what it would be like to actually visit these places. Try to remember some key details about each wonder.


Click here to go on and listen to the virtual field trip! Remember to turn on the narration with the wheel in the top left of the video screen. Click here to watch a video with more facts! Try to find some different key details than the ones you read about! 


Try to find and write 7 different facts for each of the seven wonders! Look back at the article you read and look through the virtual field trip again! Remember not to copy exactly what the author wrote and use quotation marks!


Find a friend of family member and talk about what you saw! Tell them about your favorite wonder. Tell them which one you would like to visit and why! Ask them which one they would like to visit. 


 Language Lesson For April 6 - 10 

This week we are going to focus on Words Their Way! We are so lucky to have a resource like Words Their Way within Pearson Realize. To access Words Their Way scroll back up to that section on this website and click the icon to go to the website. I've also posted a video to explain how to log-in.


Read the story at the beginning of your lesson. It will focus on the pattern you will learn about! From the story you will move on to your lesson where you will read through directions and your Word Study activities.


After reading, listen to the story and find patterns you may have missed while reading. You will also be able to listen to directions and words to help you during the lesson. Listen carefully and take your time! 


During the lesson you will be asked to write sentences or words using the patterns you just learned about in your lesson! Go back into the lesson if you need to! Take your time trying to remember what you just worked on! 


Find a family member or a friend or send me a Flipgrid explaining what you just learned about!