Mrs. Lisa Jo Curry
EL Teacher, DeSoto Central Primary

I'm available every day for you, even over the summer.  You can email me, send me a text through SchoolStatus, or I can set up an online meeting with you through Zoom.  Please stay in touch!



Your job this summer is to get started in a program called i-Ready.  If you need help logging in or need further assignments, please contact me to help.

To log in to i-Ready, go to:

Username: student's first initial, last initial, and MSIS number (without two leading zeroes)

Password: MSIS number (without two leading zeroes)

About the Teacher


 - Santa Barbara Community College, San Diego State University and University of Mississppi


 - Taught 7th Grade English and Math at Olive Branch Middle School for 8 years

 - Have been teaching K-12 EL for 12 years at many schools in DeSoto County

 - Have been tutoring all subjects K-12 for the past 7 years



 - Have lived in several different regions of the US and in Puerto Rico

 - Love to play and referee sand volleyball, tend my Alice in Wonderland garden, cook and bake for friends and family, and listen to podcasts

 - Tutor in nearly every subject, K-12 and ACT/SAT prep

 - Plan to travel the world to see where all of my students and their families have lived


As a life-long learner, I gave myself some homework for the summer!  I've been studying Spanish almost my whole life, but I finally started learning Arabic using Rosetta Stone and I'd love to have any and all of my students and their parents follow me and begin their own journey in English or in another language.  I'm up to over 5500 words in Spanish and just over 1250 words in Arabic!  It really makes me respect how hard it is to learn a language with a completely different alphabet, and I will continue to admire the many families with more than one language in the home.


ABC YA –  

ABC Mouse – free with access code SCHOOL7771 

Into the Book –  

PBS Kids – 

Star Fall – 

Storyline Online –  

Funbrain –  

Suessville –  

Squiggle Park –  




Funbrain –  

Prodigy –    

Math Playground –  

Splash Learn –  

Math Game Time –   

Khan Academy –  

This website from the MS Department of Education offers a variety of activities that families can use at home to build great reading skills. Click on the picture below to get there!



Discovery Mindblown –  

NASA Kids Club –  

Amazing Space   

Code Academy  

Nat Geo Kids –  

Switcheroo Zoo – 

Mystery Doug –    


Social Studies  

Nat Geo Kids –  

Time for Kids –  

Smithsonian for Kids –   

History for Kids –  



Typing Club –  

Brain Pop –  


Hello Kids (drawing)  

Highlights Kids –



Most of our students will recognize   DCS Lab Links to easily connect them to other websites.  Let them have some fun exploring and learning on their own! 


Because I love podcasts, I decided to also share some of my favorites that should be good for kids.  Enjoy!


Radio Lab for Kids

Brains On!

But Why! A Podcast for Curious Kids

Smash, Boom, Best


Be Calm on Ahway Island

Wow in the World



Free Lunches