Mrs. Lisa Jo Curry
EL Teacher, DeSoto Central Primary
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About the Teacher


Santa Barbara Community College

San Diego State University

University of Mississppi



Taught 7th Grade English and Math at Olive Branch Middle School for 8 years

Have been teaching K-12 EL for 10 years at many schools in DeSoto County

Have been tutoring all subjects K-12 for the past 5 years



Have lived in several different regions of the US and in Puerto Rico

Plan to travel the world to see where all of my students and their families have lived

I'm available every day for you.  You can email me, send me a text through SchoolStatus, or I can set up an online meeting with you through Zoom.  Please stay in touch!

 A little joy from a bunch of your teachers!  See how many faces you recognize...


Find a book or passage that you would like to read with someone.  Think about how the story would change if it took place in a different setting.Draw and label the setting of your passage and then make a new drawing with your new setting. Include lots of details. If you are able, write several phrases or sentences describing the setting.Make a voice memo recording yourself reading the passages aloud and describing the settings.  If you can't make a voice memo on the phone, have someone listen to you.  Describe what you might see, hear, smell or feel in that setting.

Find four or five tough words from your book and think about how  you figured out how to read them and what they mean.  Practice writing them several times so you can make them your own.  Practice using



Find a new book to work on next week.  Don't forget that there are things to read online.  Always push yourself to read slightly harder passages each time. Check out Readworks – 


I gave myself some homework, too!  I've been studying Spanish almost my whole life, but I finally started learning Arabic on I'd love to have any and all of my students and their parents follow me and begin their own journey in English or in another language.  I'm up to over 5500 words in Spanish and over 250 words in Arabic!


Most of our students will recognize these links from the school's webpage.  Let them have some fun exploring and learning on their own!

Lab Links – Lab Links



April 2, 2020

Dear Parents

 The Mississippi Department of Education met on March 26, 2020, to discuss the extraordinary circumstances of this not-so-traditional school year and to grant school districts the flexibility needed to educate our students without the constraints of state assessments and other mandated requirements. Today, the DeSoto County School Board met and approved several changes to our board policies. Our students are always our number one priority, and we believe these policy changes demonstrate our commitment to serving students and families during these testing times.


  • The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (post-test) will not be administered.
  • The English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) will not be administered.
  • Students will be promoted based on mastery of the standards taught during the first three nine weeks.
  • Before any student is retained in kindergarten, a consensus among the parent, teacher, and administrator must be met. 

  • First – Fifth Grades:

  • Students who have an average of 60 or higher in mathematics and English/language arts for the first three nine weeks will be promoted to the next grade. 
  • If a student’s average is a 59 or below in English/language arts or mathematics, a consensus among the parent, teacher, and administrator must be met in order to retain the student.
  • Science and social studies will not be considered for promotion or retention.
  • During the school closure, teachers will post weekly assignments on their teacher websites.
  • If students do not have access to digital assignments, paper packets will be available for “porch pick-up” at each school site.
  • The purpose of the digital assignments and/or paper packets is to provide students with educational opportunities while the schools are closed. Students are not required to return these assignments, and they will not negatively affect students’ grades.
  • The Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) and MAAP-Alternate will not be administered.

Educational Websites: 




ABC YA –  

ABC Mouse – free with access code SCHOOL7771 

Into the Book –  

PBS Kids – 

Star Fall – 

Storyline Online –  

Funbrain –  

Suessville –  

Squiggle Park –  






Funbrain –  

Prodigy –    

Math Playground –  

Splash Learn –  

Math Game Time –   

Khan Academy –  




Discovery Mindblown –  

NASA Kids Club –  

Amazing Space   

Code Academy  

Nat Geo Kids –  

Switcheroo Zoo – 

Mystery Doug –    


Social Studies 


Crash Course –  

Nat Geo Kids –  

Time for Kids –  

Smithsonian for Kids –   

History for Kids –  



Typing Club –  




Brain Pop –  


Hello Kids (drawing)  

Highlights Kids –



For Educators 


Amazing Space – for educators 

Readworks –  

Reading A-Z –