Madelyn Ayers
EL Teacher, Center Hill High, Center Hill Middle

About the Teacher

My name is Madelyn Ayers, and I am your child's EL teacher. I earned my undergraduate degree in Teaching All Learners, from the University of Memphis. Currently, I am working on my graduate degree in English with a concentration in ELL. My hobbies are coaching color guard and spending time with my friends and family. This is my dream job, and I am thrilled to be working along side you in your child's journey to developing English language acquisition.  

Distance Learning!

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Dān jī xiàmiàn de “kètáng bókè” liànjiē, yǐ huòqǔ yǒuguān jíjiāng jìnxíng de zuòyè de gèng duō xìnxī.


انقر على رابط موقع الفصل الدراسي أدناه للحصول على مزيد من المعلومات حول المهام القادمة.

'unqur ealaa rabt mawqie alfasl aldirasii 'adnah lilhusul ealaa mazid min almaelumat hawl almahami alqadimati.

Class Schedule

CHMS Middle School
  • 1st Period (8:00-8:48) 
  • 2nd Period (8:52-9:40)

CHHS High School
  • 2nd Block (10:25-11:59)
  • 3rd Block (12:04- 1:37) 
  • 4th Block Planning/ Color Guard (2:11-3:45)  


Please visit the blog for more information on what is happening in the classroom!