Renea Simmerman

EL Teacher, Lewisburg Primary School


Welcome to Our Class!

Hello, My name is Renea Simmerman. 

The students call me "Mrs. Renea."

I am so excited to be the EL Teacher for Lewisburg Primary School.  


Some great websites for students to visit and practice their skills are:

I want to encourage students to read every day and practice learning their sight words.  Sight words, which most often cannot be "sounded out", must be learned from sight.  And they are the basis for strong reading skills!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

About the Teacher

Education and Experience: I have been employed with Desoto County Schools for 8 years.  I have been a teacher assistant in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 1st Grade-SPED.  I have a Bachelor's degree from Mississippi State University. I decided in 2020 to get my teaching certification via an alternate route progam.


Personal Info: I am married to Michael Simmerman.  Our 25th wedding anniversary is this year.  We have two boys who attend Lewisburg. I have one dog and three chickens.