Ryan Richardson
El Teacher, Horn Lake High

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg

Education: B.A. Mathematics, Harding University

M.Div., Harding School of Theology

D.Min., Harding School of Theology

Bio: I grew up in Memphis, TN and am married with three children. I like to read, play sports, and serve as a deacon at Holmes Road Church of Christ.

Class Schedule

 1st Block - Planning

2nd Block - English Language

3rd Block - English Language

4th Block - English Language




 2nd and 4th block students should complete the book review instructions in the book review document listed under "Documents" at the bottom of this page. (I have also described the assignment below.)

3rd block students should continue their work in Rosetta Stone.  They will not be completing the book review. Please contact me if you need your log-in information again.

Parents can find more information about online learning at https://www.mdek12.org/LearningAtHome.

#TeamDCS English Learners: Student-Choice Book Review

“Reading gives you somewhere to go when you have to stay where you are.”

Directions for 2nd and 4th blocks:  Choose one free ebook from librovox.org, the Kindle app, Audible, or you may even choose a book you already own at home. Read at least 20 minutes daily from your book of choice, and complete one square per week from the assignments below.

Email your work to your EL teacher by Friday every week. Each square’s grade will be posted in PowerSchool. You do not have to complete squares in a particular order. All assignments are centered around our language standards for Reading and Writing. Have fun, and read every single day!

For April 10th, complete one of the following that you haven't completed before:

1. Read your book for 20 minutes. Make a connection between something you have read in your book selection so far and something that has occurred in your real life. Explain how the events compare in a minimum of 10 sentences.

2. Read your book for 20 minutes. On a piece of paper, create a social media account for the main character of your book. Be sure to include evidence from the story to describe him/her. The social media page must include at least 10 complete sentences.

3. Read your book for 20 minutes. Write a letter to one character from the story. Include a minimum of 3 questions in your letter you would like the character to answer. Be creative and pay special attention to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation in the letter.

4. Read your book for 20 minutes. Pretend the author wrote a sequel. Using the same characters, design a book cover for the new book. Include a title and illustrations.

5. Read your book for 20 minutes. Conduct a fictional interview with a character in your book. Write 10 questions you would ask as the reporter along with their response to each question.

6. Read your book for 20 minutes. Write a song or a rap that describes events you have read in your story so far. Write or type your song to be submitted. Be sure to use rhyming words!

7. Read your book for 20 minutes. Create a timeline of events from the story. Include at least 10 events that happened. Draw a photo to go with each event, or you may print a photo from the internet.

8. Read your book for 20 minutes. Complete a drawing of 3 meaningful events from the book. Include a minimum of 3 complete sentences to explain each drawing (total of 9 sentences, 3 drawings).

9. Read your book for 20 minutes. In a minimum of 10 sentences, write a review of your book that covers your favorite/least favorite parts. What would you change? Which characters did you relate to most?



Remember that you are valued and special.
– Mr. Richardson

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