Sara Gill
EL Teacher, Olive Branch Elementary & Center Hill Elementary

About Me

Education: I attended Mississippi State University and received a degree in Elementary Education and Teaching English as a Second Language. 

Experience: I have been an elementary teacher for 7 years. I was a General Ed. teacher for 1st grade, then moved to the Desoto County area to live with my husband and joined Desoto County Schools. Since then I have worked with students from K-5 in multiple schools including Pleasant Hill Elementary, Southaven Elementary, Olive Branch Elementary, Olive Branch Intermediate, and Center Hill Elementary.

Bio: I have been passionate about teaching since a very young age. Because most of my family speaks a language different from English, I learned early on to appreciate the effort and time it takes to learn a new language, especially when you are surrounded by a language you cannot quite grasp. I honed that interest into my teaching career. I strive to give students the environment to grow and explore the English language. My goal is to help students become part of their local communities and gain confidence in their communication.

I currently live in Olive Branch with my husband and two cats. I like reading books, playing Pokemon Go, and making podcasts.

Learning Websites

Get Epic (Reading, Listening)

BrainPOP (Reading, Writing)


Starfall (Reading)


Duolingo (Speaking, Listening, Reading)


ESL Games (For parents)


Go Noodle (Great for exercise and moving around)


Speaking Practice

Weekly questions will be posted here. Answer at least one question of your choice. You can answer as many questions as you wish. Post your answers to these weekly questions on Flipgrid!


What is your least favorite fast food restaurant and why?

Does fast food taste good or bad? Why?

Why is fast food so popular?

What is a food that people think is healthy but really isn’t?



Hello parents and students! Our summer vacation is coming to a close and with it will be the start of a very unique school year. This is a great time for students to use the websites I have listed here to make sure your child has brushed up on their skills before school begins.


Virtual Instruction


Students will be given the option to register for Online Instruction this year. This means that they will remain home and receive their lessons and activities online. Parents can register their children online at this link: 

Please note that the last day to register is Wednesday, July 22.


First Day of School


The first day of school has been scheduled for Monday, August 17th. This has been changed. We had previously said the start date would be August 10th. That is no longer the case.


If You Need Help or Have Questions


I no longer host Zoom meetings. However, I am always available by phone and email. Please contact me at anytime if you have questions about lessons or school.