Sara Gill
EL Teacher, Olive Branch Elementary & Center Hill Elementary

About Me

Education: I attended Mississippi State University and received a degree in Elementary Education and Teaching English as a Second Language. 

Experience: I have been an elementary teacher for 6 years. I was a General Ed. teacher for 1st grade, then moved to the Desoto County area to live with my husband and joined Desoto County Schools. Since then I have worked with students from K-5 in multiple schools including Pleasant Hill Elementary, Southaven Elementary, Olive Branch Elementary, Olive Branch Intermediate, and Center Hill Elementary.

Bio: I have been passionate about teaching since a very young age. Because most of my family speaks a language different from English I learned early on to appreciate the effort and time it takes to learn a new language, especially when you are surrounded by a language you cannot quite grasp. I honed that interest into my teaching career. I strive to give students the environment to grow and explore the English language. My goal is to help students become part of their local communities and gain confidence in their communication. I am so excited to be working with the students that I met this year! I will always be available via email for any questions you might have, so please contact me at any time!

Learning Websites



Starfall (early learning, reading, phonics, math)


Get Epic (audio books, including in Spanish)


ESL Games


Go Noodle (Great for exercise and moving around)


Duolingo (for beginner English learners)




We will not have activities and support hours on Friday April 10 and Monday April 13 due to the Easter holidays.


Hello parents and students! I hope you are all staying safe and are taking care of each other. Below is a list of activities for the week of March 6 to April 10. I would like for students to write down their work in a journal or on a piece of paper. 


I would like for students to share the results of their activities with me as well. Students, once you have completed an activity, tell me all about it by using Flipgrid!


You can make a video on Flipgrid by following the link below:

Use the flip code gill4813 to access the video assignments.


This will be a great way for students to share what they have done for their activity each day.


I have a list of websites as well if parents would like to see more activities. These are not part of the assigned activities, but to be used if you want some more activities to enjoy at home.


EL packets


For those who asked for EL packets, those will be mailed to your homes soon. General Education teachers have sent their packets to the free lunch site. Your location pickup is Chickasaw Elementary. These packets are available to everyone. If you have any questions about the content, please let me know.


EL Support Hours


My support hours are from 9:00 am-11:00 am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Feel free to contact me during these times with any questions you might have. I am also available for Zoom meetings. These are meetings where we can talk face to face through our computers and phones. You can use this time to ask me any questions, or let your child talk with me and their peers.


Parents and students can meet with me from 9:00- 10:25.

Teachers can meet with me from 10:30-11:00.


To reach me by Zoom, click on the link below:


If I am unavailable during these times, it will be because I am in another meeting. If you are unable to reach me through Zoom, I will always be available by email and text throughout the day.


Activities for April 6 to April 9
Week 2 English Easter
Week 2 Spanish Easter
Week 2 Arabic Easter
Week 2 Vietnamese Easter