Sonya Nipp
EL Teacher, Olive Branch Elementary
Hi! I have been teaching K-2nd grade for 28 years.  The last 3 years I have been working with English Language learners.  I have a wonderful husband of 25 years and a daughter, Sarah Anne, who attends Delta State University in Cleveland, Ms. We are originally from Alabama but have been in Mississippi for 15 years.  I have taught at Walls Elementary, Pleasant Hill Elementary and Southaven Elementary.  I love the teachers, staff, families and children here at Olive Branch Elementary! I have a passion for teaching our kindergarteners and first graders more about reading, writing, speaking and listening in English.  Our EL classes work to master English language basics as well as explore our world through project learning, inquiry and a variety of technology. Our students strive to be fluent in their first language and English. We celebrate and learn about all of the countries, traditions , customs and connections that bring us together! 
THE BUTTERFLIES ARE HERE! We will set them free when we Zoom together! Have a great summer!

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education

Certified English Language Teacher

Olive Branch EL Support

I miss my students and I want to help in any way I can during this difficult time! The support hours listed below are for teachers, students, parents, and families. I will be at my desk on Zoom ready to help with anything I can. You're more than welcome to pop in just to say hello, too!

Click here to join the live Zoom meeting    * download the free app then just click at this to join or if it asks for an ID- 2410034688 password 687719 I will be able to allow you in.

I will be trying this format and times out each week and will adapt as needed. You can reach me through the texting number that I have been using to send you messages anytime or my email. 

I will be in the Zoom chat room Mon-Thurs 1pm-3pm. * I will be working at school Thursday May 9th and will not be on Zoom. Message me if you need any assistance setting up and getting into Zoom.


Paper-pencil work for at home no tech needed

Your child can complete the following activities with just a paper and pencil.  Just click the link to open the document and your child can complete them. I will check in with you to see how this is going.

Language practice for summer:

Listening- practice with listening and following oral directions FREE TRIAL or use the DEMO which allows the kids to practice for free anytime without subscribing!

Reading-  check out EPIC reading I posted the link under featured websites.

Writing- Keep a journal of things you do over the summer, do some bird watching and make a journal of the different kind of birds you see- draw a picture of them and send to me. (your parents have my text information) Write and make cards for your teachers, grandparents or other family that you may not be able to see right now. Ask your parents to help you address and mail these to them or send pictures to them through texting.

Speaking- Do an interview of your mom or dad, grandparent or other family member- write out some questions first:  How do you feel about the. Corona pandemic and having to be so careful?, Have you lived through something like this before? How has it changed how you do everday life? Have the family member interview you also. Have them think of questions to ask you.

i-Ready- This is the program we have for your kids to use over the summer. It has lessons, practice and covers reading and math! The kids love it! Your teacher will have their log in and password information. 

These are some bird feeder ideas for making at home- Boston orioles like grape jam and oranges- these don't have to be on a fancy feeder just use toothpicks, string, yard or set them off the ground near a bush so they have a safe place to perch. 

Cereal with holes in them can be placed on a pipe cleaner or string and tied on a branch.

Paper towel and toilet paper rolls can be used by putting peanut butter on them and roll them in bird seed or crushed cereal and/or nuts and use ribbon, string or yarn to tie run through the roll and hang where you can watch. 

The milk jugs will need parent help to get the holes cut- use a wooden spoon or skewer to place through them like the illustration shows. This allows the birds a perch to stand on while they eat.  Fill the jug with bird seed, crushed cereal and/or small nuts and seeds.

oranges as feed for birds
fruit loop feeder
milk jug feeder
Bird feeder paper towel roll/peanut butter

































Friday 5/22 will be the last day for the website to be updated.  I will post websites that will be available for you and your child to use over the summer. 

*We have a district interpreter - Liliana Rangel - phone- 901-493-6501

*There are lessons available over the summer through i-Ready.  Your child has a username and password you can get from your homeroom teacher.  These lessons are on-line, fun and very helpful for summer practice!

Kindergarten and First Grade Links


First Grade

Just click on your grade level

Featured Websites

just click on this and it will take you to the site- you do have to have internet for this site to work. It will  ask you to SIGN IN -  USE ACCESS CODE TO SIGN IN- sign in, click on use access code to log in, Write this access code down- 5KAVGN, use it to log in YOU WILL ONLY HAVE TO DO THIS ONCE, then it will be just a click or you can download the app.

epic reading

This is a free site where the kids can sign in under student using class code rjy8161 to see videos, books read to them, read on their own and more- just don't forget to write down the code so you can get access.  Use the search bar in epic to look for topics your child is interested in seeing  like animals, sports, sharks etc..

Live bird feeder viewing

This is a live bird feeder camera that allows you to view birds at feeders anytime of day! See how many birds you already know! How many different birds are at the feeder?

I have already put the kids into this site so they can just find their name and begin! This week is our first try with this- so please let me know if you have any trouble and I will assist.  This site has games and review for skills we have already covered and should be easy for them! If you don't see your name- brothers and sisters will share- or you can use guest. (it only allowed for 35 spots.) Let me know if you have any trouble.
Hunger to Hope info
Grab and go translated spanish
Class Calendar