Online Translation Tools

Google Translate

  • Upload documents to translate using the desktop site
  • Translate voice in real time with the mobile app
  • Use the mobile app's camera function to translate printed documents like worksheets
  • Students with non-alphabetic languages can use the handwriting function in the mobile app to write and translate to English
  • Google Translate gets better and more accurate constantly. Some languages translate better than others, and it is always best to communicate in simple sentences if possible.
  • Learn more about all the things Google Translate can do in this article: 

Google Chrome

  • Students can translate any page in Google Chrome by right clicking
Chrome Translation


PowerPoint Online


  • YouTube has automatically generated and, in some cases, created captions.
  • Turn on CC, Then click on the Settings Wheel and choose your language under Subtitles. Students may also want to change the Playback Speed to listen to the English words more slowly. See these steps in the gif below!
YouTube Translate How To


  • Say Hi is an app similar to Google Translate with the same features for conversations and using the camera to translate a print document.
  • Say Hi is great for Arabic speakers and other smaller languages because it has different options for different countries.
  • Learn more about Say Hi at 


  • DeepL advertises itself as the world's most accurate machine translator.
  • It works well for documents and text and includes a glossary that is helpful when learning a new language.
  • Learn more about DeepL at