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Welcome to the #TeamDCS Translation and Interpretation Services Page!

#TeamDCS values the importance of communication between parents and schools and we are currently able to provide language services in Spanish to facilitate communications among students, parents, teachers, administrators, and all district staff.



  • Please fill out the interpreter request form here.
  • To check available times and dates please take a look at the Calendar before submitting your request.
  • Submit your request AT LEAST 3 school days in advance. You will receive confirmation that your request has been received via email. Requests will be approved on a first come, first served basis and will be added to the Calendar
  • If the requested date/time is not available, you will be notified to request a new date/time. 
  • Once approved, please provide the interpreter a brief summary of the purpose or objective of the meeting ahead of time.
  • For IEP meetings, please provide the interpreter a copy of the IEP

*If a meeting has been cancelled/rescheduled, contact the interpreter IMMEDIATELY.


  • Please fill out the translation request form here.
  • The online form must be submitted at least 5 school-days preceding the desired delivery date.
  • All documents must be submitted in editable text format: Word, Power Point, etc. No PDFs. Please note: No part of the document can be protected.
  • Lengthy translations require more time. Large documents will be assigned a completion date based on size and work volume. It may exceed 10 school days. Please plan accordingly.
  • Formatted documents with pictures, boxes, slides require additional time to ensure consistency with the source document.

*Please note: IEPs are excluded from translation requests.


For any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Liliana Rangel at (662)449-7182.


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